ELIOSYS re-accredited including 2 new tests: PID susceptibility and electroluminescence

Together with the renewal of the accreditation of ELIOSYS for a new period of 5 years, the national Belgian accreditation body BELAC recently validated the scope extension of accredited tests of ELIOSYS by adding the PID susceptibility and the electroluminescence tests.

Picture 1 : Illustration of the PID phenomenon en Belgium

Picture 2 : Illustration of the electroluminescence with valorized degradation

These new tests are enriching the test capabilities of ELIOSYS regarding the existing set supporting the IEC 61215, IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 standards, but also these 2 new tests are fully aligned with the initiative of the  Walloon government to improve the quality level of the new PV installations in the Walloon region.

Finally, it should be underlined that a test report mentioning results of accredited tests may serve as a legal reference and is only questionable by another laboratory with an equal or higher level of accreditation for identical tests.