Our mission is to test products in their working environment.

ELIOSYS is a private and independent company set up in 2009 by Julien Thiry and supported by MeusInvest. The goal of Eliosys is clear: to provide the industry with a laboratory able to test every type of product by recreating the environment in which they are used (winter, arid, and wet climates…).

It requires to artificially reproduce the different climatic environments you can encounter on Earth, from the Siberian tundra to the most arid deserts including wet and temperate climates.

Eliosys has as mission to assist the companies in their R&D and quality processes.

In order to create solar and environmental climate simulators which didn’t exist previously, Eliosys had to use the creativity of its engineering team to design, create, and develop the current machinery and equipment of the lab which consist of test benches, climatic chambers, and other solar simulators.

Eliosys is recognized as an accredited testing laboratory according to ISO 17025 standard (BELAC 432-test).

Thanks to this accreditation, ELIOSYS can guarantee a high quality service, while keeping a high level of flexibility and working with an outstanding reactivity.

Amongst the climate conditions that ELIOSYS can reproduce, there is:

  • Solar irradiation,
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations,
  • A variable humidity rate,
  • Effects of hail and lightning,
  • Wind pressure,
  • Snow load,
  • Mechanical collisions …