Accuracy and rigor in the service of the customers

ELIOSYS is the unique ISO17025 accredited Belgian laboratory for the complete characterization of photovoltaic modules.

The ISO 17025 norm is an international standard which points out the quality and skills requirements specific to accredited laboratories for tests and analyses.

This accreditation, granted by the Belgian Minister of Economics (BELAC) and referred to as BELAC 432-test, gives Eliosys a fundamental role in the photovoltaic sector.

This accreditation insures thus an extreme rigor and precision in our job based on international standards assuring the quality and traceability of the services offered to our clients. Furthermore, it is important to highlight the international recognition that the ISO 17025 accreditation awards our services.

This accreditation is essential in the framework of our missions of (re-)certification, quality controls, and support during legal and amicable proceedings…

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