The Quality in PV installations

The PVMAINT training, in association with TECHNIFUTUR (in the framework of plan Mashall), focuses on the quality of the photovoltaic installations. In fact, this is complementary to the certifying training required by the legislator.

This training helps you understand why quality is important (how to achieve a certain quality level) and offers a practical learning method through different workshops in the lab of ELIOSYS.

ELIOSYS offers the opportunity to reproduce, inside its laboratory, theoretical situations you may encounter, regardless of the actual « outside » weather    Such as variable radiances, wind load or hail impact.

Finally, the measuring instruments allow us to directly assess the repercussion of the effects linked to the use of PV panels in good and bad conditions: « flash test », electroluminescence, IR imaging …

Goals of the training

  • To understand and know all the components of a photovoltaic installation (PV)
  • To interpret the data provided by the manufacturers in their brochures
  • To understand the influence of the environmental and climatic constraints on the PV modules
  • To analyze the different steps of the modules PV certification and their objectives
  • Short and middle-term consequences  of  poor practices in the PV installations
  • To recognize et diagnose imperfections present inside the PV modules
  • To understand the effects of dirt and shades
  • To make understandable the use of electroluminescence and thermal camera
  • To grasp the PID and LID phenomena

Intended Audience

Architect, engineer, surveyor, expert engineer, site manager, electrician, roofer, heating engineer, PV installer, wholesaler and distributor of PV products, project leaders, insurance technical assessors…

Trainings Schedule

  • Next training on March 26th and 27th.

Here is the link to subscribe to the training: click here.