Photovoltaic tests

Accredited tests dedicated to the PV sector offering accuracy, flexibility and fast execution

ELIOSYS offers the opportunity to test all the photovoltaic technologies under every type of standardized climatic conditions or even tailored conditions.

In addition to the standardized tests included in the norms IEC 61215, IEC 61730 et IEC 61853, Eliosys offers the opportunity to test PV modules under different lighting conditions, temperatures, and/or humidity levels.

ELIOSYS often provides electroluminescence analyses with its different tests. More detailed information is available here.

ELIOSYS is now also able to carry out combined tests (heat, humidity, and high-voltage) in order to determine the PID susceptibility (Potential Induced Degradation). More information are available here.

The different tests offered by ELIOSYS can correspond to different phases in the PV product life-cycle:

  • At the development stage, on prototypes and samples
  • At the industrialization stage, at the beginning of the production
  • At the commercialization stage, on the IEC 61215, IEC 61646, and IEC 61730 certification
  • At the production stage, for quality controls of the production
  • Before installation, to make sure of the quality of the modules used
  • After installation, to assess the performance degradation
  • After any incident, to diagnose the possible faults

Finally, customized tests can be developed by ELIOSYS as well. Indeed, the company has an experienced engineering team and a perfect control of its simulators, test benches, and climatic chambers – most of the company’s equipment being “home-made”.

Amongst the different services provided by ELIOSYS, there are the main categories of tests:

  1. Performance tests
  2. Durability tests or accelerated climatic aging
  3. Electrical tests
  4. Mechanical tests

P To obtain the complete list of our tests under accreditation, click here.