On-site Inspection

A photovoltaic installation can include defects (visible or not) resulting from bad weather, bad installation or bad modules, delivering only reduced power output (bad energy efficiency).

No matter the size of the installation, ELIOSYS can directly provide you with its technical knowledge thanks to on-site analysis.

ELIOSYS makes specialists available to its customers, who will emphasize the potential defects.

In order to do so, the PV expert uses an infrared HD camera and, most important, his experience.

A lot of problems can be encountered and, unfortunately, most of them are invisible such as :

  1. The appearance  of hot spots on the modules that can result from :
    • A shade;
    • Part(s) of the module heavily soiled;
    • Mecanical degradations (wind, shock, snow, hail, …);
    • Bird droppings;
  2. Anomalies in the wirings, in the By-Pass diodes or in the connections;
  3. Disconnected PV-modules;
  4. The PID phenomenon;

By adding the measure of the real electrical characteristics of an installation, we can obtain a set of information allowing us to assess the health and productivity of this installation. In order to do so, an accurate analysis of the IV curves is required.

When is the site visit useful?

  1. To make an assessment when the installation is put into service ;
  2. Annually, in order to check the evolution of the energy behavior;
  3. In case of significant production losses.