Technical bankability

The best module choice for the performance and sustainability of the PV installation

As soon as someone plans to install a high quantity of photovoltaic modules, it seems primordial to choose the right module. Indeed, the performance of the installation in terms of production and sustainability highly depends on the working of this module.

Nowadays, it exists so many different products from various companies that it becomes really difficult to form his own opinion based on the numerous available commercial documents. To make the right choice, one needs impartial and independent data..

In order to reach this objective, ELIOSYS has set up tests and technical procedures making it possible to discredit or to approve the modules selected. The investor’s choice is thus made easier.

The investor is then able to form an unbiased opinion based on independent and impartial criteria. The economic choice can then be correlated to the real product performance and sustainability

This service mainly concerns the investors and insurers of industrial facilities.

This service offered by ELIOSYS clearly gains in  added value if quality controls are carried out on module lots before installation.

ELIOSYS can set up a custom structure according to the type of installation (factory inspection, batch control, on-site control…) or can also apply our own quality frame of reference, called ELIOQUAL.

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