Quality under control

Insure your product quality during its whole life cycle thanks to the ELIOQUAL charter

The certification process uses ten modules taken out of the first production batch. What is the quality of the modules produced for the next 5 years ?

Quality control is a process that goes along with the product certification and which consists in checking periodically if what the firm buys matches the theoretical characteristics and the certificate of the product.

The ELIOQUAL charter is a voluntary control approach of the quality of the PV modules designed for the installers, the importers, and the distributors. The primary goal of ELIOQUAL is to carry out tests on every supply of PV modules by sampling a few pieces at regular intervals during the whole year in order to ensure that the quality of the product remains constant.

« You buy Watts, Watts are sold! But do you really have all the Watts bought? »

ELIOQUAL is composed of 3 versions to allow everybody to access to quality depending on his budget.

ELIOQUAL* (one star) requires a sampling process of 3 modules per batch of 800. It also contains a veracity and conformity verification of the certificates, a performance control in terms of power as well as an electroluminescence check (*) on the modules.

ELIOQUAL** (two stars) contains a sampling process of 3 modules per batch of 400. In addition to the ELIOQUAL* program, it plans once a year an accelerated aging-test by intense damp heat (around 20 years of durability) by product reference and one PID susceptibility test (Potential Induced Degradation).

ELIOQUAL*** (three stars) is the ultimate version of quality control that includes all aspects of the quality charter. It requires a sampling process of 5 modules by batch of 400. In addition to the elements of ELIOQUAL**, we add once a year an aging test by thermal cycle (200) and by damp heat. It includes also an inspection of the manufacturing plant where the selected modules are produced.

The results of the tests are the full ownership of the partner who will decide if they will be published or not. ELIOSYS will mention on its website in the form of a certificate, the access to the ELIOQUAL version chosen as well as the identifier by product reference of the usable label(s) by the customer.

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