Material and Assemblies Testing

Mechanical assemblies

Pretty much all products available on the market must comply with requirements of life span and resistance to stresses from the environment in which they are used.

Thanks to its equipment, ELIOSYS is able to recreate any possible climatic conditions one can encounter on earth. It is therefore possible for a manufacturer, a system integrator or any other actor in the supply chain to check that his product fulfils the requirements for which it was designed.

Coatings and paints

The solar climatic simulation developed at ELIOSYS allows us to study the impact of a given climat on a paint or any coating , based on the following characteristics:

  • The colour, reflexion, transparency,
  • The adherence,
  • The preservation of its unctionalities,
  • The temperatures reached,

Building material

The performance ratings as welle as the life span of building material – especially those having an impact on the energy efficiency of a building – are of predominant importance.

In this sector, ELIOSYS ofers its valuable services in order to define the specific characteristics of these material, such as:

  • The preservation of its functionalities,
  • A thermal mapping of the product under varying climatic and solar conditions,
  • A mapping of the expansion or distorsion generated,