Certification extension

A change of component in the PV module… the obligation to obtain a certificate extension

During the life cycle of a PV module, because of production requirements, the manufacturers are sometimes forced to modify a component of the photovoltaic module. In order to guarantee the performances, sustainability and security of any modified module, the module must pass a new range of tests related to the change undertaken.

ELIOSYS offers certification extension services or « re-certification » services based on the existing « Retesting Guideline » written by the IECEE.

This «Retesting Guideline» lists all the possible modifications in the manufacturing of PV modules and determines combined tests to be carried out in order to validate and test these modifications.

Of course, the selected tests are extracted from IEC 61215, IEC 61646, and IEC 61730 standards so that the compliance with the original standards of certification is guaranteed.

In a market segment rather very dynamic like the photovoltaics, changes of components in the manufacturing processes happen really often. Consequently, diverse certification extensions are required.

Here are the guidelines requiring a certification extension:

  1. Change of the technology used in the PV module/cells ;
  2. Modification in the encapsulation system ;
  3. Modification of the superstrate ;
  4. Change of the module size;
  5. Modification of the substrate ;
  6. Modification of the frame or of the mounting system;
  7. Modification of the junction box or of the electrical connections;
  8. Change in the method of interconnection between cells;
  9. Change in the electric circuit;
  10. Increase in the output power larger than 10% for identical dimensions;
  11. Qualification of a frameless version of a product initially certificated with a frame.

Documents access:

Retesting Guideline IEC61215 & IEC61646.pdf

Retest Guideline IEC61730.pdf