A partner to support you in your Research & Development phase of photovoltaic products


Thanks to its advanced test benches developed and fine-tuned in-house by its team of specialised engineers, ELIOSYS can offer many services to companies, research centres or universities developing PV products.

This can be achieved by making all of its ELIOSYS infrastructure available to support the development of R&D solutions according to final customer’s needs.

The customised tests focus mainly on the following (non-exhaustive list):

Accelerated aging tests by:

  • sunlight;
  • UV light;
  • thermal cycling or conditioning at a given temperature and humidity;
  • electrical and/or mechanical constraints.

Characterisation of products under mechanical constraints:

  • wind (up to 10,000 Pa);
  • hail;
  • scratching;
  • constraints due to logistic operations (packaging, handling, etc.).

Characterisation of electrical and/or thermal performance:

  • measurement of IV curves (at all temperatures and irradiances);
  • susceptibility to hotspots;
  • determination of the maximum temperatures of the components;
  • assessment of the maximum current and corresponding fuses required.

The determination of phenomena such as:

  • LID (Light Induced Degradation);
  • PID (Potential Induced Degradation);
  • TID (Light and elevated Temperature Induced Degradation).

Characterisation of products under climatic constraints:

  • All types of temperature (-80 to + 180°C)
  • All types of humidity (5 to 98% RH)
  • All types of solar irradiation (100 to 1200 W/m²)
  • A combination of temperature, humidity and solar radiation

ELIOSYS also provide supports to its customers to develop their products.