Strengthened by its 10 years of experience in testing renewable energy systems, ELIOSYS is offering a new service dedicated to Smart Energy to provide support to construction project managers willing to start or reinforce their energy transition.

For industrial SMEs, for general contractors or for architects, we offer global solutions applicable to buildings and their production plant, not only to reduce energy needs, but also to improve energy efficiency.

For this, we offer innovative and customised green energy production systems so called “low-tech” type, that can be combined with conventional renewable energy-based systems if needed.

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The cheapest energy is the energy that we do not use.

ELIOSYS supports companies in their energy transition approach, with the reduction of energy use as a priority. We offer:

  • To carry out technical, environmental and economic feasibility studies for new construction projects;
  • To carry out a global energy survey for renovation projects;
  • Innovative proposals to recover energy waste of the industrial activity and using it as an energy source to cover other needs;
  • The option of applying ISO 50001 principles on energy management to the industrial production faiclities and to the building.
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Efficient and robust energy systems to contrast with the “high-tech” trend

One of ELIOSYS’ strategic axes is to contrast with the current high-tech trend, too focused on HVAC equipments more and more complex or creating a high potential environmental burden, by offering innovative low-tech solutions.

Concerned about reducing the environmental impact of the solutions it offers, ELIOSYS develops innovative, robust and efficient low-tech solutions, using only energy from renewable natural resources.

Controlled in synergy with other energy systems, these low-tech solutions reduce consumption and thus reduce the carbon footprint of the building and its production plant.


Technical expertise in renewable energy systems based on experience

Thanks to its laboratory and its experience on site, ELIOSYS has gained accurate skills in the field of renewable energies, such as:

  • Photovoltaics of all types, shapes and technologies;
  • Solar thermal;
  • Heat pump;
  • Energy storage.

ELIOSYS provides support to project leaders (architects, companies or public authorities) in their energy transition approach by offering them a complete service:

  • Selection and design of the most suitable systems for new build or renovation projects;
  • Carrying out technical, environmental and economic feasibility studies;
  • Writing technical specifications;
  • Providing completely independent support in the choice of contractors;
  • Site inspections during construction;
  • Technical and quality control of PV plants (before acceptance, at first up to final acceptance, during its operating life);
  • Project management.


A tool box to optimise the energy efficiency of buildings and their production facilities

To combine innovative low-tech solutions with conventional renewable energy systems in an efficient way is a technical challenge. To solve this issue, ELIOSYS has developed a new generation of Energy Management System (EMS) tool called “ELIOSYS BOX”. This tool makes it possible to predictively monitor and manage energy flows, to achieve the consumption targets set by the customer as part of their energy transition (e.g. maximising self-consumption).