Based on its strong experience acquired in the laboratory and on site, ELIOSYS provides support to design and develop energy solutions.

After more than 10 years of testing and inspecting, ELIOSYS has acquired unique skills in the design of innovative, sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

ELIOSYS can support you in the development of solutions for:

  • Integrating photovoltaics into construction solutions;
  • Developing energy self-sufficient devices and tools;
  • Optimising renewable energy-based technologies (photovoltaic, hybrid, thermal and/or heat pump);
  • Validating innovative technologies not yet included within the scope of current standards (such as OPV – organic photovoltaic type technologies).

In addition to products, ELIOSYS has also developed expertise in systems and plants such as:

  • Writing tailored-made technical specifications for special photovoltaic projects;
  • Improving strategies for the interconnections of photovoltaic modules;
  • Predictive maintenance for photovoltaic plants;
  • Setting up renewable energy communities and shared electric mobility services;
  • Integrating Low Tech solutions to reduce energy consumption of the industrial activity;
  • Integrating energy recovery systems;
  • Peak load shifting by renewable energies (e.g. heat pump combined with electrical or thermal storage systems);
  • Electrical storage systems.