For more than 14 years, ELIOSYS has carried out tests on all types of renewable energy systems in its laboratory but has further developed its expertise by performing on-site tests. Strengthened by this experience, ELIOSYS launched its Smart Energy Services. It offers support to its customers throughout their projects for:

ELIOSYS supports the promoters of construction projects, either new or renovation projects, in their energy transition initiatives.

ELIOSYS provides support in the design, development and validation of renewable energy-based solutions and systems.

ELIOSYS provides its expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy-based systems to give project leaders (architects, companies or public authorities) a complete service.

Our strengths

  • A unique contact expert in energy to follow the whole project, from design to validation and even acceptance phases, including regulatory requirements;
  • A global and non-partisan vision of the company and its industrial activity allowing the implementation of integrated solutions to achieve the real needs of the global activity;
  • A creative, multidisciplinary, innovative and flexible team;
  • More than 14 years of expertise carrying out tests, inspection and attestation of conformity of energy systems;
  • A working philosophy compliant with business practices.