Thanks to its ISO 17025 conformity (BELAC 432-TEST) and its innovative technologies, ELIOSYS allows you to quickly performe all the testing sequences, edit statement of conformity et attest the conformity (ELIOSYS scheme) of all types of PV modules to EN and IEC standards.

The declaration of conformity granted by ELIOSYS is easily recognisable by their ELIOCERT label:

In addition to the ELIOCERT logo, this label includes, a unique identification code which allows a statement of conformity to be linked to a specific product or to a single family of products. This attestation of conformity involves an annual “Factory Inspection”.

ELIOCERT declaration of conformity is based on a strict application of the test sequences required by the IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 standards.

In practice, a series of 16 representative production modules or prototypes must successfully pass specific test sequences. Many tests are carried out such as:

  • determining the performance characteristics (at Standard conditions – STC, Low irradiance, Temperature coefficient, etc.);
  • climatic and light-aging tests (UV, thermal cycling, humidity-freeze cycling, damp heat, etc.);
  • electrical stress tests (overvoltage, overload, lightning, earth continuity, etc.);
  • mechanical stress tests (wind, hail, scratching, impact, creep, etc.);
  • safety tests (impact, cut, leakage current in dry or humid environment, hot spot, etc.).

After having succeeded the various tests and issuing a declaration of compliance, ELIOSYS issues an ELIOCERT statement of conformity which is valid for a period of 5 years, reassessed annually through a factory inspection.  All certified products are linked on the site, click here.

Attestation of conformity is a necessary and mandatory process to demonstrate that the design of a PV module complies with the minimum requirements of the related IEC standards (performance, durability and safety).

If a conform photovoltaic product is modified, full declaration of conformity is not mandatory. You can request a declaration of conformity extension.

For some tests, acceptance criteria specified by the standards are applied and are based on decision rules integrating measurement uncertainties. These rules are available here: ELIOSYS-DOC-Decision rules.

For the ELIOCERT attestation of conformity of a range or a family of products, do not hesitate to call on our team to find the best strategy to optimise it and thus lower the costs.