Based on more than 14 years of experience in research, testing of photovoltaic products, ELIOSYS offers customised training courses dedicated to various audiences:

  • Installer and installation manager;
  • Provider;
  • Manufacturer;
  • Grid system operator;
  • Insurance and bank manager.

This training is given in classroom and in the laboratory or on site to illustrate the concepts and themes addressed.

The trainers are engineers expert in the photovoltaic field with more than 10 years of experience (laboratory and site).

Objectives of the training: QUALITY IN PV SYSTEMS

  • Understanding and knowing the components of a photovoltaic (PV) plant;
  • Interpreting data provided by PV manufacturers in their brochures;
  • Understanding the influence of environmental and climatic constraints on PV modules;
  • Analysing the various phases of the conformity of PV modules and their objectives;
  • Understanding the short- and medium-term effects of bad practice in PV installations;
  • Recognising and diagnosing defaults in PV modules;
  • Understanding the effects of soiling and shading;
  • Taking part in electroluminescence tests and measurements using the infrared camera;
  • Understanding what PID and LID are.