Today, for photovoltaic plants, financing and insurance are essential.

The financial issue being vital, it is necessary to ensure the reliability of the products and installations involved.

ELIOSYS regularly acts for banks and insurance companies to qualify photovoltaic installations. This qualification can be done at various phases of the project:

  • start of the project;
  • at acceptance phases;
  • during the warranty period.

To achieve this qualification, ELIOSYS performs on-site or laboratory tests and studies to measure potential risks.

For annual monitoring, ELIOSYS provides the “Performance Ratios” or “Corrected Performance Ratios”, which are useful to assess the aging and productivity of photovoltaic plants.

Thanks to its experience and with the help of its accredited laboratory and its mobile measurement equipments, ELIOSYS also acts as an expert in the event of a claim or dispute.

Do not hesitate to contact ELIOSYS, laboratory accredited by the Belgian State (ISO17025 – BELAC 432-TEST) about your projects.