Have you noticed a significant drop in the energy production of one of your photovoltaic facilities? Do you want to assess the performance of a PV plant? Do you want to avoid any safety issues? Do you want to improve your knowledge of PV module installation and acceptance?

Our experts are available.

Discover ELIOSYS’ services dedicated to the photovoltaic sector and, more precisely, to the needs of installers.


On-site measurements may be necessary in many different phases of life of the PV plant, such as during installation, commissioning or annually to monitor the evolution of the performances of a PV plant.

ELIOSYS brings its laboratory technical experience on site for you, by providing specialists who can highlight any defaults.

Based on 10 years’ experience in laboratory and on site, ELIOSYS offers customised training courses about PV plant.

ELIOSYS regularly organised training courses dedicated to photovoltaics. These take place partly in the laboratory, making it possible to illustrate practically the concepts taught.